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Our Team

The Friends' organization is led by a volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the Members. Current Board leadership includes:

Chair - Lyle Cline

Vice Chair - Brian Gomez

Secretary - Pat Loveland

Treasurer - Brent Cole

Trustee - Keith Nefe

Trustee - Dennis Carbeno

Trustee - Nicole Gomez

The Hartwick Pines State Park Supervisor, Interpreter, and Historian are non-voting ex officio Board Members.

Members may serve on Committee's with a Committee Chair appointed by the Board.


Marketing & Outreach, Co-Chairs:

  • Tracy Wilson, Grayling, MI
    Director of Marketing, North Central Area Credit Union

  • Bill Dawson, Grayling, MI
    Executive Director, Heavy Equipment Response Coalition

We oversee promotions and engagement for the organization by handling advertising on various media, maintaining communication tools like email and social media, and we keep our members and supporters informed. Reach out to us at:

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